Convolutional Multiple Whole Profile fitting Main Page

CMWP-fit is a program for evaluating diffraction profiles using the method of Convolutional Multiple Whole Profile fitting. If you want to know more about the method and the program, click here. A detailed help is available in the documentation page.

This program package is freely available for non-commercial, scientific purposes, provided that the COPYRIGHT terms are fulfilled. For commercial requests, please contact the authors. Please check and accept the COPYRIGHT terms before proceeding. By accepting the terms and conditions and filling up the (C)MWP Registration form, you'll get access to the (C)MWP program package, you can either download it and install it on your own linux computer, or by using your username and password you can use (without the necessity of any software installation) the WWW frontend of the program (this page).

Users can acces the program via this page:
you can upload your patterns,
upload your instrumental profile files,
view the list of your samples,
or start the evaluation program.
You can also view the results of previous runs.
There is also a documentation page.

IMPORTANT NOTE to previous users (registered before March 3 2017): due to a recent disk failure, all user data (e.g. previously uploaded files, results of previous runs) have been lost. Most of the user account information has been restored from a backup, however all users registered after May 16 2014 should re-register using the (C)MWP Registration form. All previous users of the WWW-frontend are asked to re-upload their previous data (if it is needed for the new evaluations). We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please note that in order to save disk space, all data (which is stored in the CMWP frontend) older than six months will be automatically deleted.

Alternatively, you can go to the CMWP download page.

Here you can find some example data which might be useful for testing:
The physical parameters are given in the corresponding .ini files.

This procedure is similar to the old method of Multiple Whole Profile fitting, however this program became obsolete and it is not supported anymore, so you should use the CMWP instead.

The old MKDAT program is not required by CMWP at all and it is not available anymore.